A Head’s Up On Trump’s Mysterious Military Movements

I’m not an insider, nor do I purport to know exactly what’s going on in the Oval Office, but I’ve been researching the game of American politics in our federal government for over 25 years, so I have some good guesses. According to my research, this is what I think may be happening…

Right now President Trump seems to be going mad, according to the lamestream media. General Mattis is leaving, and the press say it is all because, for some godforsaken and totally insane and unexplained reason Trump is bringing some of our troops home from Syria and Afghanistan. Certain Democrat and Republican traitors in Congress and the media news are calling these moves inexplicable, prosaic and out-of-the-blue! To watch Lindsey Graham yesterday, in his hastily organized press conference with his two cohorts tweedle-deep and tweedle-dumb you would have thought Trump was in the clock-tower with guns blazing as they spoke! Seriously, it was that ridiculous! Lindsey shed that “America First Mask” he’s been wearing for the last year so fast yesterday his eyes spun to the back of his head! If the mask had been physical it would have ripped those goober-grin lips right off his face! You can’t even call him a RINO anymore! All he appears to be now is alone.

This is a reversal of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lindsey Graham is the sheep that was covered in wolf skin. The bulldog republican we’ve watched for the last few months has finally, once and for all, revealed himself. He was just another poser sheep all along. And as of today, he is nothing more than a very lost little lamb, who’s more fit for the Island of Misfit Toys, than any halls of Congress. Talk about a man without a country, I don’t know how a man like this could even have one real friend. He knows exactly what President Trump is doing, and why he is doing it. They all know. They just won’t tell you. That’s why there are people like me out here, to bring you the hard truths the media and your own government hide from you.

Here’s what I can report… The military movement of troops inside America and back to America has been going on for some months now, that I am aware of. There are military soldiers and officers that are retired here in the states that have received paperwork notifying them they are to report be reactivated. There are military troops and soldiers here in America that are being called to report for new orders, which they report are being called “domestic operations.” There are national guard troops also being readied across America and receiving US military troops. This has been going on for about the last 6 months. Now we see President Trump bringing some of the Syrian and Afghani troops homes as well.

Comey comes out of his last hearing and gets on television, sending a hue and cry to Republicans to start speaking out and attacking President Trump, then whattya’ know, the very next day we see all the Deep State operatives still in places of power snapping off like crab legs at a Red Lobster seafood fest from hell!

It’s not rocket science, people. Here’s what I think is happening…

I think there is a threat of some kind against American soil that Trump is aware of. I don’t think this has anything to do with the southern border, but I may be wrong. I know this much, Trump is concerned about some kind of attack, and it’s here on American soil. This feels like something big to me, like another 9/11 or something so big the President thinks we may need troops in the cities to maintain order. It’s something big. By the way, they are lying to you. Trump is not removing all of the troops from Syria, just some. It’s the same with Afghanistan.

I also don’t think he is removing them permanently, just for a minute, to deal with whatever threat is happening over here, or may possibly happen, I should say. Then he will return them back with their companies who remained. Maybe he really is about to lock these criminal politicians up and is afraid of rioting. I don’t know. All I do know is it’s big big, whatever is going on! If I am right here is what I expect to see…

I expect to see all pretenses dropped, by both parties. You will begin to see all the covert RINOs stop even trying to act like they support President Trump and will all align with the left in one huge deluge of propaganda, telling us Trump has finally snapped and lost his mind! It will be a fast and furious attack, like we have never seen against him, because it will be all of them now, not just the democrats and a few republicans anymore. It will be all of them, and President Trump will finally feel the full wrath of their power. Add to all of this, the fed’s continuous hiking effort to tank our economy’s record recovery, the incoming democrat majority’s threats to revers Trump’s tax cuts, never build us a wall, and find anything they can to impeach him, the man doesn’t have to look any farther than down the hall at his office to find traitors planning his demise and destruction. He need only turn on his television to see just about every top name in news, sports, music or entertainment sharing fantasies of his death. Who needs an ayatollah, or a Russian dictator, when you have enemies like these on the White House lawn?

These people are a bigger threat to us then 10 communist rulers in other countries put together, and let me tell you why. All China or Russia can do to us is kill us. The Deep State network here in America, government, media, corporations, entertainment, etc. control our entire lives. They choose for us, what we eat, what we watch on tv and the internet, what we wear, how we live, what we say, how we spend our free time, what we believe, everything. They control it all and propagandize every aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Remember this, when they try to tell you Trump is off the rails. He’s not off the rails at all. He’s looking out for the American people and keeping his promise to keep us safe. Even those of you who hate him, he’s still fighting for you, too. Stop listening to the Deep State, people. They are lying to you, possibly because the hammer may be about ready to drop on them! Let’s see what happens next. Stay woke; I think there is an onslaught of disinformation about the President that’s about to flood the airwaves and internet! Don’t believe it! Listen to Trump, he’s the only one that is telling us the real truth!

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