Disgraced Ex-FBI Director Jim Comey Comments After Hearing, Blames Trump!

While we are waiting for the transcripts of the hearing, here are a few things we now know worth considering:

Jim Comey gave up his security clearance. Without that security clearance Comey is legally unable to talk to the committee members about anything classified, or dealing with anything that could be classified. So in essence, Comey can’t say much about anything. He, along with several other witnesses who have been fired and lost their security clearance, have all been offered their clearances back long enough to enable them to testify. Basically every one of them has done so… except Jim Comey. He could take his clearance back, which would enable him to fully comply with the hearing, but he refuses. So that is what he has been doing.

Senator Grassley spoke about this today and ratted Comey out. Grassley said these are the types of games Comey has been running on them for months. While all along Comey is in the press screaming Trump’s lying against the FBI. No, the President is telling the truth. This is a HOAX, and has been since day one. And Jim Comey is a traitor, in my opinion. He should be tried for treason against you and me, all of us. President Trump needs to move on these people. And soon.

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