Flynn Judge Rules Deported Migrants Must Be Returned!!

Judge Emmett Sullivan, the same judge who went on a bi-polar attack during the sentencing hearing of General Mike Flynn earlier this week, has now demanded a group of deported asylum seekers be returned to the United States to have their cases RE-heard. Along with this insanity he has also imposed a freeze on the Trump administration’s immigration policies going forward, at least for now. In a way this may be a good thing. It’s time to begin to take corrupt rulings all the way to the Supreme Cort, to finally get a lot of these matters settled, once and for all. I think this may turn out to be, once again, another case of short-sidedness of the part of the left. If their goal is to destroy this administration and this government, and the plan fails, a lot of these corrupt seats in office are going to be in a whole heap of legal jeopardy at some point. The left are so obsessed with destroying our President, they make one mistake after another. It’s as though they have lost the ability of critical thought. In their “war” with President Trump they are their own worst enemy. They are also Trump’s best weapon against them, especially in the public! This ruling seems nothing more than a Deep State operative serving the agenda, which is resistance to draining the swamp, any and every way you can. Well done, comrade! However at this point, your masters may not be in a position to reward your valor. Nor never again may they be. Best to consider that, minions. Look at Jim Comey, look at Peter Strozk, look at Andy McCabe. They didn’t save them, did they? Nope. And they’re not going to save Judge Sullivan, when the Supreme Court reverses his ruling and hands down a written opinion that annihilates his decision, thereby obliterating his entire career as biased and invalid. He will end up in the grease-trap of the Deep State, just one more spit in the sewer. Just the stinky slimy leftovers of what was once, perhaps, a tiny part of something bigger deemed of value, but is now worthless and therefore disposed of and flushed down the drainpipe. Fin.

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