GOOGLE Approves Muslim APP To Report Sharia Blasphemy!!!

Alphabet Inc’s GOOGLE search engine is censoring conservatives and Christians online and have been for some time. Now they are now allowing the most radical arm of Islam to do the same to their detractors. GOGGLE has now made available a Muslim app that is being used by Sharia Muslims to report other Muslims who they feel have violated Sharia Law of blasphemed their prophet Mohammed. While GOOGLE’s censorship of American conservatives and Christians is detrimental, at it’s worst the most it can do is silence our voices from the net. I hope GOOGLE understands that this Muslim app they have made available is likely going to be the cause of people being killed. It will. It may have already. I don’t know how the heads of GOOGLE can sleep at night. This is very scary stuff, people. GOOGLE needs to go!!!!

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