Loretta Lynch Testifies On Tarmac Meeting, Other Subjects In Congressional Probe

Loretta Lynch made a visit to Capitol Hill, to once again try to explain her failure to recuse herself from the Hillary Clinton email investigation she called a “matter” and other shady decisions made by her and her team while she was Attorney General. Members of the committee were noted as saying she was much more forthcoming than James Comey was, although I can’t imagine Loretta Lynch would ever freely give them any information that would help them. If you watched her previous Congressional hearings you know that she can’t even say if you are going over the speed limit you are breaking the law! She is the last person to give honest answers in regards to breaking laws or uniform codes and regulations. She doesn’t seem to respect set ideals such as laws and protocols. It was a very curious thing to watch her in action. She seemed to lack even basic decency. She seemed soulless in her earlier testimonies; like rule of law was just a theory, not necessarily a practice. At least in her mind, it seemed to be what she believed. Scary stuff if you are a patriot, looking at someone like that as your country’s Attorney General! Thank God she is gone! Definitely dodged a bullet on that one!

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