Mueller Hit? Intrigue In D.C. As “Mystery” Foreign Company’s Subpoena Appeal Is Rejected By The Courts

D.C. tongues are wagging as a federal appeals court shut down an entire floor of the
D.C. courthouse to hear arguments from a “sovereign foreign nation company” who
is appealing a subpoena to produce evidence in a secret hearing held last Friday. 
Sources around Capitol Hill are connecting this case to Bob Mueller’s Russia
Investigation, although Hard Truth has seen no evidence of that. A federal appeals
court has rejected the appeal filed by the foreign company, and ordered them to
comply with the secret subpoena. The three judge panel did not rule on the issue of
immunity, which is what the company is claiming they are entitled to under the
Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. However they did rule against the appeal,
compelling the evidence to be given to the courts. So far that is about all we know. 

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