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Prime Minister Of Belgium Resigns After Anti-Migrant Protests Erupt Nationwide!!

Charles Michel, Belgium’s Prime Minister has resigned after receiving a no-confidence vote from his government Tuesday. Flemish national party N-VA pulled their support and protests erupted nationwide after Michel agreed to join the UN Global Compact On Migration. The Belgian nationalists in government have joined the people in telling the United Nations enough is enough! Wake Up, America! The United Nations, the global world order that was created here in America, by a Rockefeller led coalition, built right here in America, in NYC on Rockefeller donated land, are the ones trying to force these migrants on the rest of the world. And what is happening to these countries that are allowing the migrants in? A total destruction of their communities, a war-like assault on their cultures and their peoples, and a fear that is palpable and real. It’s a total onslaught against European and western cultures by Arabs and Muslims. If it were an authentic migrant issue, the UN would be cleaning the corruption out of the migrant homelands and creating safe zones for them in their home countries, and prosecuting anybody who would violate the international human rights of these people. They wouldn’t be fleeing all across Europe. This entire migrant crisis seems to be nothing of the kind. It looks much more like a coordinated attack by the UN, to inject people with VERY anti-western beliefs and cultures into western and European societies where they will never co-exist. Not because of the Europeans or the westerners, but because of the Islamic sharia law many of these migrants follow. It does not allow for a blending with other peoples or religions. How will this ever work in Europe and Western cultures? It won’t. So then realizing that the question then become one of “why?” Why are they doing things to purposely cause chaos? What is the real reason behind all of this? ‘ORDER AB CHAO’ or in English ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ is a motto defined by 33rd degree Freemasons, to signify a philosophy they practice. It is the Hegelian Dialect and it works like this: First they themselves create the chaos. Then chaos is let loose to destroy whatever foundation they are targeting. Once the destruction is complete they then come in as the benevolent saviors having all the answers to fix the problems. Those answers always require the loss of liberty and security for the peoples and more powers granted to them. The answers were the whole reason any of it started to begin with. It was all orchestrated to achieve this outcome. Think migrant crisis and now migrant pact, all to bring all of these nations under the direct control of the globalist New World Order UN. The people of Belgium have spoken to their government, and it is a clear and resounding “NO!!” to open border migration!! BRAVO, BELGIUM!!!

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