Same Old Faces Greet the New Year

Happy New Year, from the Hard Truth team! While We The People were enjoying the creation of new memories with our loved ones, I couldn’t help but notice a few people out there hearkening back to a “better day” and clinging to their past glories… Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton posted similarly odd Christmas pictures on their social media this year. Instead of new family Christmas portraits, both Hillary and Obama posted throwbacks to their own days in The White House. Obama posted a picture of him and Michelle in The White House at Christmas when he was President, and Hillary posted a picture of herself, Bill and Chelsea in The White House at Christmas when Bill was President. Hillary also posted a vintage picture of her and her family for New Years this year. I think somebody has visions of a Presidency, still dancing in her head. Proof that wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas is the childlike belief for the impossible! Thank God it only comes once a year!

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