Trump Ambushes Pelsoi and Schumer Leaving Them Totally Blindsided!!!

President Trump loves to troll his political foes, and he is a Master at it! Watch as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic colleague Senator Chuck Schumer arrive to their scheduled private meeting with President Trump, only to realize the President has notified and invited the press to come cover the meeting without their knowledge!! Chuck Schumer is so mad he cannot even speak!! And Nancy Pelosi looks like a deer caught in the headlights!! This is comedy gold!! Pelosi is always spouting her “transparency” line about how open the Democrats are. She ought to thank the President, he’s just helping her keep her word! CHUCKLES!!!!!

By the way, he’s going to build the wall, with them or without them. From the looks of it, without. It’s not going to bother me to watch him shut the government down until a new Congress is seated in less than a month. End them both, House and Senate, right now. Shut it down. They’re not doing anything anyway. They’re certainly not stopping the wall from being built. The military is doing that as we speak. Let Prison Reform wait. Let them flounder, powerless until new session. I’m okay with that, Mr. President. Bills are paid through the 21st, that leaves little more than a week until the new Congress is seated. Do it, they’re not going to give you anything or pass any legislation, and you can minimize their destruction…. for now, anyway. Just do it.

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