Vatican’s #3 In Charge Cardinal Bell Convicted Of Molesting Two Children In Australia!! Press Barred From Reporting It!!!

How the Catholic Church thinks they can hide this from the Australian people while the rest of the world is reporting it is beyond reason! It’s not a secret anymore, though the Australian Courts, by granting the Catholic Church a nation-wide sealing on any reporting,  gave it their best try! It’s a total black-out in the Australian Press, but by now I’m sure they have found out… American media is reporting Cardinal Bell has been convicted under secret court for molesting two young boys yesterday, 12/11/2018.

This is shocking news! I don’t think there has ever been a priest as high as cardinal ever even tried in a government criminal court. Or any priest, for that matter!! I have always wondered why that was. Why so many men are able to molest, and because they are catholic priests, nothing is ever done to them. They are never charged and sent to prison… ever. Maybe this is a signal to a new and better day. I know this must mean a lot to the untold millions of victims of catholic priest abuse! I hope this helps survivors everywhere, and I hope they see a piece of their own justice in this conviction. Maybe this is a first step, a catalyst, to spark justice to rise throughout the land of Australia, and worldwide.

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