Brietbart has just published internal documents on their website showing GOOGLE conspired to cut off their revenue, hoping to limit the money they had to spend on production and advertisement! This is shocking, and we here at Hard Truth certainly hope Brietbart’s legal team is considering some kind of legal suit against GOOGLE and their employees!! This subterfuge and illegal censorship of the conservative voice of this nation needs to stop! It is our belief that since it’s inception GOOGLE has been nothing more than just one more arm of the CIA/Deep State control over the people, through the internet. Hopefully Alphabet Inc and their Frankenstein baby GOOGLE are soon on their way to join the network we now know they have been building in China, to help Xi lock his people into a censored internet that distributes credits based on behavior. Those credits determine your credit level, much like our financial credit system works here. Only it’s based on behavior, not money. This is what GOOGLE has been building in China. All for money. People will likely die because of this spy network. Without a doubt people will be penalized on how nice a home they can buy, or how nice a school their children can attend, should they be caught speaking or posting, or even questioning anything anti-communist China. Good job, GOOGLE. I don’t know how you people sleep at night. All for filthy mammon, for lucre’s sake… unbelievable!

All Patriots should look at this as a tribute to Andrew Brietbart’s legacy! Praise God his website is still here to suffer the slings and arrows. I’m sure Andrew would be loving this fight, if he were only here to be fighting it! May God bless and rest his soul. We could sure use him right now!

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