Demise of the Democratic Demigod Dynasty

Bill and Hillary’s “An Evening With the Clintons” speaking tour is tanking so bad they have resorted to selling seats for $6 on the discounted ticket website GROUPON. What can you say to that? It has to be terribly embarrassing for them, when at the exact same time Barack is on speaking-junket fire and Michelle’s book signings are off the charts and the talk of the town right now. I’m thinking Mrs. Former Secretary of State may not be feeling the same soul-stirring magic of the holiday season the rest of us are enjoying. When totally narcissistic, self-deluded people in powerful positions decide to, (for reasons that escape me), schedule public engagements where they expect awake citizens, (who now know for a fact they are criminals), to pay of their own pockets for a ticket to come watch them sit and talk to each other, and then see them implode when their bubble is burst hardly begs for sympathy. I fortunately I cannot empathize with them either. All I can do is suggest to them that they should have seen it coming. And in the end, when watching things like this happen, I find hope and savor in the knowledge so many Americans are now awake and rejecting Deep State politicians who have been railroading us for years behind our backs… Great job, Americans! Keep it up!

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