First Comey Lied To Congress, Now He’s Lying To The American People!!!

Comey’s overture to the American people describing his preference of open hearings so the American people won’t be misled by Congress has turned out to be exactly what I suspected all along. A lie. Comey’s heartfelt dedication to looking out for us was nothing more than him using the power of public perception to attempt to force an open hearing. For it was in an open hearing he knew for a fact he could refuse to answer certain questions that might not bode well for the DOJ in general, and for Mr. Comey himself, in particular. This hard truth was revealed today, as Jim Comey sat in closed session… and refused to answer the Committee’s questions! Stating that he was following the advice of DOJ council, Comey once again threw the rule of law out the window, seemingly continuing to commit treason as he pleases. This is a slap in the face to the American Legislative branch of the Federal Government, and a continuing travesty for this nation! I find it nauseatingly ironic that the title to Comey’s new book is “Higher Loyalty: Truth Lies And Leadership”, in which he attacks President Trump of being an immoral dishonorable liar. It’s called “projection” and the Deep State traitors like Comey are Masters at it!

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