Just In: Comey To Testify Friday, Loretta Lynch Later This Month

Jim Comey, who lied to Congress, was lying to the American people when he said he wanted to testify in an open, public session where his words couldn’t be leaked out of context. A more plausible reason may be that Mr. Comey knows he could refuse to answer certain questions, claiming that he would be unable to answer in a public venue without revealing either classified information or sources & methods of the FBI. Whatever he had planned didn’t work and his stall tactics have failed him. He now has no choice but to sit and answer the questions Congress has been asking him for over two years. Believe me, some of the Committee members have been waiting on this for a long time!  Also, the Committee members are not boxed in to only 5 minute rounds this time. They can take their time and ask until they get the answers we all want and need to know. Best part, it will be taped and played for the public! Mr. Comey can even do the honors and release it to the media himself, should he be so inclined! The question now begs, will he really do that? Unredacted and complete? What do you think?

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