No Jail Time For Michael Flynn

Robert Mueller has decided against a prison sentence for Mike Flynn, citing his cooperation as the reason for leniency. I think it would be wiser to assume, that contrary to Mueller’s explanation, it’s far more likely that with Mr. Whitaker as acting AG right now, Mueller is not able to railroad witnesses anymore. Interesting that as soon as Whitaker comes into play Mueller starts wrapping things up, don’t you think?


One comment on “No Jail Time For Michael Flynn”
  1. peddiebill says:

    Actually I guess I was really thinking that far too many people are assuming they know what Robert Mueller has uncovered and want him to report what he has concluded in line with their hopes. In my country we are supposed to wait for the final outcome of an enquiry before making comments particularly of the sort that might be seen to be trying to subvert the enquiry.

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