A pure love and child-like innocence lead Angel away from a life and path of beauty and wonder and divert her onto the darkest road ever imagined; a road leading straight to hell. With every mile she travels, she loses a piece of her soul. She realizes nothing in the world is what she imagined it to be. Evil men with dark agendas control the world. Or at least they did until Angel blew the whistle.

Now Angel is running for her life. The most powerful people in the world are hell bent on finding her. Each breath she takes brings her one step closer to death. Each discovery she makes takes her one step farther away from the one man she loves, Damien. Her destiny lies in her search for the truth, and only there is it uncovered.

Angel can save the whole world and all of humanity from a dark plot to exterminate them… but can she save herself from Damien?

Immortal Deception is a fictional novel written by our fearless leader, Victoria Joice. While this page turning tale is fiction, the events in this book are based on real life happenings and occurrences. A book where clever believers will see the hidden shades of truth, while those still wrapped in ignorant bliss can enjoy a classic story of good and evil.

Immortal Deception


Enjoy this intimate look into one of the wealthiest families in the world, and all the ridiculousness that unfolds around them… James M. Walters, the illustrious business mogul who’s spent his lifetimetime building an unparalleled global empire to pass down to future generations of Balfours… His wife Lady Miriam Balfour, a ruthless and heartless modern-day Marie Antoinette who sits on her throne as prestigious gatekeeper to the upper echelons of society’s elite… Michael, the only son and heir-apparent, a self-indulgent New York Senator with a scandalous past, unseemly present and precarious future… Isabella, the oldest daughter with a loony, madcap zeal for the zany christianity that’s called “charasmatic”… Elizabeth, the strumpet femme’ fatale daughter, an enchantress with an insatiable appetite for men, money and haute couture… Anne, the mentally disabled daughter hidden away from the rest of society like a sullied reputation… And lastly Victoria, the youngest daughter, who spends her time trying to manage both the NYC newspaper where she is editor-in-chief and her nutty family’s antics and shenanigans, battling to hold the Balfour name and prestigious reputation together… 

Think the elite families of the world are a better breed than the rest of us? Well, think again! This story will keep you positively reeling and in shock as you are afforded an inside view into one of the most powerful and totally dysfunctional families that ever etched out a page in the history book of American high-society!

Victoria’s first novel, this is a tale all too familiar for those knowledgeable about the global elite. Another fictional tale seeped in truth and factual happenings, The Tides of Descent will shock and amaze, and hopefully inspire you to research the real life counterparts to these disgusting characters!

The Tides of Descent