DeCamp, John

Nebraska Senator John DeCamp was the one who discovered a child-pedophile ring existed at the highest levels of the Nebraska Republican Party & the famous “Boy’s Town” Catholic orphanage in Nebraska. Upon further investigation he realized this pedo-ring went to the highest echelons of our Federal Government, all the way to the steps of the White House itself, while George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. was President! After receiving no help from the government to bring these pedophile politicians to justice or charge any crimes, and one NYT fluff piece, John compiled all his evidence and wrote a best-selling book back then, detailing everything he learned. That book is still available, it’s titled “The Franklin Scandal” and you can read it here or purchase it online. There is also a documentary that 60 Minutes made that was scheduled to air, but was pulled from television that day, after being threatened by members of Congress, and it never aired. You will find that video here on our website as well. Look for the links below.

John DeCamp was a good man and a whistleblower who tried to tell us what was going on back then. Unfortunately, he was not powerful enough to defeat the NWO machine. Yet his words & actions live on, through us… RIP Senator DeCamp.



John DeCamp Interview