Depopulation Agenda

I first learned about a United Nations plot to reduce the human population by a large percentage back around 1993-1994, the early to mid 90s. That plan has evolved into what the UN is today referring to as “Agenda 21”. It is not an exaggeration to state the global elite have set the goal at reducing the entire world population 500 million people. That is about a 90% reduction. Think about that. There are over 350million, just in the United States! China has over 1.4 Billion, with a B, people. There are 7.7 BILLION people in the world right now, so just how do the UN elite think they can reduce the world population to 500 Million??? What happens to the 7.2 Billion people they say need to be eliminated off the planet to save it??? Just exactly how do they plan to do that??? Some say they are already working on it, through poison food, water and air, fomenting wars and destabilizing nations, and even sterilizing many 3rd world people through vaccinations without them even knowing it. It seems there are lots of ways the UN employs to forward their sick agenda. Here are proofs to guide you into understanding what’s really going on.