Dylan, Bob

Starting in the 50s, Bob Dylan hit fame during a revolutionary social era in America, the 60s. With all the social upheaval occurring nobody guessed that the core group of rock singers and bands that rose to fame at that time were all actually children of high level military intelligence fathers. Momma Cass, one of the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan… and many more! Dylan admitted in an interview (which is linked below) a few years ago that he did a deal with the Devil to gain stardom so he has to keep playing, and will keep playing, maybe until he dies. Rock & roll in the 60s was never organic, it was created. Bob Dylan just played his part for wealth and riches. He’s an admitted Luciferian. He’s done a lot of damage, spiritually, to many people who listened to his music back then and now, and he’s fully aware. In fact, he owns it.