Hegelian Dialect

This is a philosophy adhered to by the elite. The idea in Hegelian terms is comprised of 3 parts, thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The first part of the idea, Thesis equals an action, idea, force, or intellectual proposition. The second part of the idea is Antithesis simply put is the reaction against/opposite of the “thesis”. The third part is Synthesis which is the solution, or that thing which solves the conflict between the “thesis” and “antithesis”, all to create a new “thesis”.
In other words, it is a controlling of two opposite sides of a narrative, the thesis and antithesis, like order and chaos, purposely orchestrating and causing them to clash so you can then ride in with the final solution, or synthesis. So it looks organic, but in truth it was all pre-planned by those who control both sides, to give them what they wanted all along. This is the alchemic application of this philosophy and they use it on us every day. Here are proofs and examples.