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PEDOGATE: In the 1990s Nebraska Senator John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson, Director of the FBI, Los Angeles discovered many high-ups in Washington D.C. involved with the famous Catholic orphanage “Boys Town” in a large-scale operation of child-trafficking and sexual abuse that included not only boys from Boy’s Town, but also children being kidnapped off the streets, from Nebraska to Illinois, to Washington D.C. This was proven and documented in the banned Discovery Channel documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” that the Discovery Channel bought the rights to, and then after pressure from certain members of Congress, refused to air. You will find a link to our copy of that movie below, it’s a must see. John DeCamp’s book “The Franklin Coverup” tells the entire story, with all the proofs footnoted. You will also find John DeCamp & Ted Gunderson videos & interviews, as well as videos of victims giving their testimonies. The victim testimonies are very hard to watch, and can be triggering for trauma/abuse survivors, so be warned. Everything is in the links below…

PIZZAGATE: It’s a conspiracy theory that has surfaced regarding some very strange emails dumped by Wikileaks, among other things. What initially started it was an email sent to John Podesta, the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. These emails made reference to ‘a handkerchief with a map that seems pizza-related’. The strange and seemingly nonsensical language was interpreted as some kind of code for child molestation and abuse (the map being semen-stains, cheese pizza or pizza being common slang for child pornography). Art depicting child abuse has been found which shows the abuser laying on top of a child with a handkerdhief underneath, with other adults standing around watching. John Podesta also has a lot of incredibly disturbing artwork in his home, including paintings by artist Biljana Djurdjevic of children being abused and tortured, photos of young, shirtless boys, et

Another email sent by John Podesta reads ‘do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta’? It is thought that cheese refers to young girls, and pasta to young boys. Dominos is thought to mean ‘domination’, or masochism. There is another that talks about Barrack Obama flying $65,000 worth of ‘hotdogs and pizza’ for a Superbowl party’ (granted, this could easy be exactly what it sounds like at face value, but if so that is a hell of a lot of hotdogs and pizza). Basically there are a lot of emails that don’t make any sense unless they are code for something else, and there are an extraordinary number of emails referring to ‘pizza’.

After more digging, links were discovered to Comet Ping Pong, a pizza place in D.C. Comet Ping Pong is owned by James Alefantis, former partner of CTR founder and director David Brock. Comet Ping Pong frequently held fundraisers for Clinton’s campaign, and has held fundraisers for Obama too. Some people took a look at James’ instagram and found photos of young girls with their arms taped to tables, sexual imagery involving pizza, a lot of pictures of children etc. Some of it admittedly not that weird for a pizza shop, however, his friend’s comments on some of these photos were quite disturbing. On the picture of the girl with her arms taped to the table was a comment that read ‘New seating area / procedure for your youngest guests?’, on a photo of a large, empty room with metal walls were comments reading ‘#killroom’, ‘#murder’ and ‘just rinse it off when you’re done’. There’s a photo of James Alefantis himself wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘J'<3 (J’aime) L’Enfants’, French for ‘I love children’. A photo of someone holding a child tagged #chickenlovers. Supposedly a euphemism for ‘little boy lover’. The day after the story broke, James Alefantis’ instagram was made private, and when made public again a couple of days later all of these images had been removed.

One person who was found liking a lot of the posts of children and toddlers was Arun Rao, who is a DoJ Supervisor of the Southern Division office for the DoJ’s District of Maryland, which borders D.C. The scope of his department includes, among other things, child pornography, conspiracy and cases of significant public corruption and fraud.

Many of the shops on the same block as Comet Ping Pong were found to have in their logos symbols which are recognized by the FBI as symbols for child pornography and attraction to children, including a spiral triangle inside a triangle for boy-lover (Besta Pizza). Besta Pizza changed their logo shortly after this story broke. Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline, a man who has also worked as an attorney in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DoJ. He was appointed to this position by Bill Clinton.

Then, another email was found that Mary and John Podesta were CC’d into, part of which read ‘Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure’. Yet another email sent by Tony Podesta, in response to John Podesta asking Tony how his trip is going, reads ‘Very good. I’m seated with the kids so little wired’.

Then, alleged links were found between Hillary Clinton and Laura Silsby, who was charged with child-trafficking following the Haiti earthquake. Laura Silsby was caught once with 12 children and released to only be caught doing it again, the second time with 44 children when she was arrested and thrown in jail in Haiti. She claimed, both times to be a Baptist church organization transporting orphaned children to the Dominican Republic under the pretense of starting an orphanage there, however on further investigation it was discovered that she had not applied for any permits to do so, and that almost all of the children were not, in fact, orphans. They had families, and were all kidnapped off the streets of Haiti during the chaos after the earthquake hit. She, along with around 10 other people, were charged with child trafficking. At the time that these charges were going through Hillary Clinton was being forwarded emails updating her on the matter, and also sent emails contacting lawyers to defend them. Silsby ended up being defended by one of Bill Clinton’s personal friends and attorneys. Shortly after the attorney got Laura Silsby set free, he himself was convicted of child-trafficking and now sits in prison. Recently a woman named Monica Petersen, who was working for the Human Trafficking Center in Haiti, was found dead under suspicious circumstances. She was investigating Hillary Clinton’s relation to the child-trafficking happening there. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Silsby later became involved with MyStateUSA and was announced CFO and corporate secretary in 2011. MyStateUSA has since changed it’s name to AlertSense, and as of October 2015 Silsby is the VP of Marketing there. What AlertSense does is ‘offer a highly intuitive mass notification solution that simplifies alert creation & help mobilize and manage the emergency response teams.’, according to their website. They’re the contractor that supplies early response cell-based equipment that a few dozen states use for their Amber Alert systems (a child abduction alert system). How did a woman arrested for child trafficking TWICE end up working the Amber Alert system?!?!

You might also remember the disappearance of a girl called Madeline McCann. She disappeared in Portugal while on holiday with her family from the UK. Police sketches of the suspects bear and uncanny resemblance to the two Podesta brothers. UK Police reported knowing exactly who kidnapped her, but not being able to arrest them due to international laws.

When the story broke, many websites reporting on it were shut down. A website called livingresistance reported being shut down not via DDOS, not via DMCA infringement, but with a ‘deep, site-wide take down’. Other websites covering the conspiracy also reported being taken down on the day they reported. Now, /r/pizzagate has also been banned.

Basically, there is no hard, damning evidence that anything shady is going down, but there are a whole lot of little hints that point to something that is not above-board. Everyone is dismissing it as a crazy conspiracy, especially here on Reddit and especially since the sub got shut down, but anyone who has actually looked at the evidence seems to be on some level convinced.”
~ Reddit Online



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