“The word “Quran” comes from the Arabic verb, qara’a   meaning “to recite”, “to read”. According to Mohammed, the command given to him, Gabriel three times in the cave of Hira was “to qara’a” or read. Mohammad replied, “What shall I read”?   Thus, the word for Mohammad’s revelation is known as the Quran. The words in the Quran are linked to the 23-years of Mohammad’s call, from A.D. 610 to his death in 632.  The revelations, in the Quran, according to Islam are from an identical book located in Heaven, revealed through the angel Gabriel. The Quran, according to Islam, is the very word of Allah, revealed through Gabriel to the prophet Mohammed.  The language of the Quran is Arabic, the dialect belonging to the Quraish tribe, the tribe entrusted with the city of Mecca, and the tribe Mohammad’s family was a part of.”
~ Truthnet Org