“The anthropological study of religion has been highly sensitive to changes in the general intellectual and moral climate of the day; at the same time, it has been a powerful factor in the creation of that climate. Since the early discussion by Edward Tylor, interest in the beliefs and rituals of distant, ancient, or simpler peoples has been shaped by an awareness of contemporary issues. The questions that anthropologists have pursued among exotic religions have arisen from the workings—or the misworkings—of modern Western society, and particularly from its restless quest for self-discovery. In turn, their findings have profoundly affected the course that quest has taken and the perspective at which it has arrived.”

For as long as man has existed, he has told stories of the how’s and why’s of creation. Some created to harm, some created to heal. Some created to control, some created to set free. Throughout history, religious belief has been as varied as our artistic, culinary or architectural styles. When it comes to religion, even people with the same religious beliefs often argue, debate or battle over their individual interpretations. While it appears nobody can truly agree on anything when it comes to creation, what interests me is how historians agree on certain historical facts found in the Old and New Testaments. Still, the hardest truth to accept is that one must rely on faith, as scientific facts have yet to give us definitive truth. Read on, and see where faith takes you.



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