Royal Family

“If you look at the British Royal Family and take away the scandals and the goofy stuff that’s going on, people love to have this King to look up to – the royals are like celebrities.”
~ Kevin J. Anderson

There is no denying that, no matter how hard they may try and appear as if they are just figureheads and wield no real power, the English Royal Family is one of the most powerful groups in the world today. While the British Empire has crumbled away in the way we used to think of it, the Royal Family asserts its control over fifty three nations under the guise of the Commonwealth of Nations, currently headed by Queen Elizabeth II. Murder, rape, child rape, enslavement, blackmail, political and social manipulation, everything we think of when we think of Medieval royalty, are traditions still alive and well within this narcissistc, self-indulgent and evil group. Read on, but jolly ol’ England may not seem as jolly after.


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