What are our sources?

With enough grains of salt, any source can be reliable. Sometimes, the trick is reading between the lines. They say the most effective lies are shrouded in truth, so by taking a look at what we’re being told while simultaneously reading government documents as well as watching what those in control say and do, we are ascertain both what is going on in the world around us, and equally important, we can figure out why.

Some of the information accumulated here comes from the far right, some the far left. Many of it comes from independent people and organizations, while some of it comes from institutions over a millennia old. You can’t just listen to one side, because no one “side” is righteous. The truth is what is righteous, which is why, with the wide variety of information accumulated on this site, a slice of truth you will find. Be careful before consuming too much at once though, as some of the provable facts about our current reality are shocking, to say the least.

All of our sources have been linked, and for information which is not readily available on the internet, great care has gone to preserve the integrity of the original product.