Mitt Romney: The Backstabber Turncoat That Won’t Go Away!!

Sore loser Mitt Romney’s ego could not pass up the misconceived perception that anybody would care to hear one word out of his globalist mouth. Like a screeching misfired bottle rocket left over from New Year’s Eve celebrations, Romney could not pass up the opportunity to slam President Trump’s character in the CIA controlled Washington Post op-ed Romney spewed to ring in his new year.

He really should not have even bothered. I am surrounded in my life by political conservatives, and I cannot name one of them whom even care to read what Mitt’s got to say. He is like the Hillary Clinton of the Republican party. He loses and loses and loses… but just won’t go away. The phrase “shut your pie hole” comes to mind whenever I imagine him, which is hardly ever anymore. I’m striving for never again, though. That’s my ultimate goal in this dogfight. To never again hear or think of fake phony traitor Mitt Romney, now that would be sublime!

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